CashBack and Incentive Websites

There are various cashback and incentive sites on the internet for charities to take advantage of. works by allowing your supporters to raise money for you while shopping online at retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Amazon, Tesco, T-Mobile. Your supporter will need to register on the Easy Fundraising website and state that they would like to support your charity and then click through to the retailer from the Easy Fundraising site. Every time they purchase something, a percentage goes straight to your charity.

There are also many other incentive sites such as, or Type "charity cash back" into a search engine to find more incentive sites.

There are also search engines, such as, where you can nominate a charity to support and raise funds every time you perform a search using their search engines.

It can be tricky to raise much money through incentive websites - even if you have a large supporter base, it is hard to persuade people to change their online habits.

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