Community Fundraising

Charities need to show funders that they can earn an income in a variety of ways, rather than just asking for grants and donations.

Community fundraising can be an effective way of recruiting individuals, groups or schools to help fundraise for charity. There are many community groups who fundraise for various causes. On the following pages are a list of adult groups who fundraise for charity and a list of children's groups who fundraise for charity.

You could also encourage people to fundraise through a personal relationship, for example, someone who has been affected or helped by the charity, or through raising awareness of your cause.

There is an endless list of "sponsored" events which can be held by groups/schools or individuals for a variety of ages. Other options include cake sales, plant sales, book sales or other events such as coffee mornings. SOS Children's Villages has a useful A-Z Guide.

When community fundraising, it's useful to have a spokesperson who can talk to local groups and individuals about the work of the charity and how people can get involved by fundraising or volunteering.

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