Event Fundraising

Planning a fundraising event can have a big impact because as well as raising money, you are also raising the profile of the charity and raising awareness of the cause.

The first thing to decide is what type of event to hold. It could be anything from a fundraising dinner or ball, to a swishing party or cheese and wine tasting. Or a sponsored event such as a bike ride, mountain climb, parachute jump or anything else you fancy! Once you have worked out which event you would like to hold, set a fundraising target and start promoting your event.

It is always good to try and get volunteers or local community groups to run these events for you, rather than investing lots of staff time into this type of fundraising, unless it is an event on a very large scale.

Another way to fundraise is by having a stall at local fairs and events. This also enables you to raise awareness of the charity and what you do. You could bring direct debit forms to give to people who would like to make a monthly donation, as well as a collection box for small change. This may require a financial outlay of some kind, unless you can sweet talk the event organiser into giving you the table for free. Stalls can cost anything from £10-£50 for a local event and more for a regional/national event.

You can also apply to your local council to hold street collections. This will require willing volunteers, but can be a good earner and help raise your local profile.

Every little helps - Even your youngest supporters can help you fundraise. Why not encourage your younger supporters to collect spare change in a smarties tube and once it's full up, donate it to your charity.

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