Online Donations

Online marketing is crucial for charities. It's a great way of letting the world find out who you are and about the work that you do.

When it comes to fundraising, having an online presence is crucial. Have a big "Donations" button clearly visible throughout your website. Allow payment by credit/debit card and invite people to subscribe to your newsletter so you can build up a database of potential supporters.

Provide a simple explanation of how donations are used and break it down into manageable amounts of money, for example, "£5 provides...", "£10 provides..." etc. Give people ideas of the kind of ways they can fundraise for you, as some may not be aware of all the options which exist.

Use offline methods such as press releases, business cards, letterheads and leaflets to drive traffic to your website. You can also solicit donations through third party websites such as (visit our comparison of charity online donation services for more information), and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

Visit our online tutorials for more information on how your charity can make the most out of Web 2.0 technologies, or how to optimise your charity's website for search engines.

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