Personal Donations

There are many different types of personal donations. People may give a one-off or regular monthly donation to charity.

Some employers have a payroll giving scheme, enabling employees to donate money to charity directly from their gross pay. Employers may also set up matched giving schemes, where the company matches the employee's donation pound for pound. This motivates staff and builds team spirit.

Individuals may want to hold an event to raise money for the charity and supporters may also remember a charity in their will through a legacy.

The most important thing with a personal donation, as with any donation is to say Thank You!

Aside from a change in personal circumstances, the main reason why people stop donating is because they never received an acknowledgment or response to their donation. Not being thanked makes people feel under-valued and under-appreciated.

Always respond to donors promptly. Use the same type of media as where the donation came from to respond, for example, if it was an online donation, send them a thank you email. Or, if it was a cheque sent in the post, send a thank you letter in the post.

Make sure you personalise the letter or email, rather than using a standard letter or the automated email sent by online donation services. Sign the letter (don't just print a scanned in signature), and tell the donor how their money will make an impact.

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