Collect marketing materials from other charities

One of the best ways of getting ideas on how to design your leaflets, flyers, newsletters or adverts is to look at publications produced by other charities.

It is particularly useful to look at the publications produced by other charities working in the same sector, or publications that are trying to achieve a similar aim. For example, if you are producing a leaflet to encourage people to volunteer for your charity, look at leaflets on volunteering from other charities.

Large charities, such as Cancer Research and Oxfam, use highly-skilled graphic designers so you can learn a lot from looking at their marketing materials.

A good place to pick up leaflets is at libraries, community centres, volunteer bureaux, or conferences. I also tear out any charity adverts that I see in newspapers or magazines, and keep charity flyers and direct mail that arrive at my home address. I keep these in box files and refer to them whenever I need to produce a publication for a client.

When looking at another charity's publication ask yourself various questions about the design. What is the format of the publication? How much text have they included on each page? What size of font are they using for headers and body text? How many and what photos have they included? What colours have they used? How much white space is there?

If you start looking at publications in an analytical way then it will help you understand what makes a good design and will give you ideas for your charity's publications.

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