Choose appropriate colours that work well together

It's great to use colour in your charity's publication as it makes the leaflet more eye-catching. However, consider carefully the colours you want to use and what perception they may give the reader.

Blue is the most popular colour among adults, and symbolises serenity and tranquility. Because of its positive associations, it is one of the most popular colours in corporate publications.

Red is a popular colour among children, and has exciting associations with adults, such as love, anger and danger. Yellow is a cheerful colour, but can tire the eyes, so don't overuse it. Green is seen as a restful colour and is associated with nature or ecology. More information on potential colour associations can be found on the Color Wheel Pro website and Wikipedia.

Once you have decided on a colour you would like to use in your charity's publication, choose a pallet of colours that work well with this base colour. Limit the number of colours you choose to ensure a consistent look within your publication.

There are various websites and software applications that will help you pick a colour pallet for your charity. I particularly like Adobe's Kuler website. If you click on 'Create', the website lets you pick a base colour. You can then create a matching pallet of colours according to various rules. Here are various colour schemes based on dark green generated by the website.

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