Ask Charity website

AskCharity is a great resource to pick up tips and information on the media and PR. However, you can only use this site if you are a UK registered charity.

The site has various useful features:

  1. Media directory - this has useful information about how charities can get publicity in different media outlets, including contact information and tips. Not all media in the UK are listed, but it's worth checking to see whether there is information about your target media outlet. Some of the listings have great insider information as they have been filled in by charity employees who have taken part in Media Trust's Media Connections scheme, where charity employees do a one or two week work placement at a media organisation, such as the BBC, Sky or The Financial Times.
  2. Messageboard - this is used by charity employees who work in PR and includes advice on various marketing and public relations topics, such as advice on media contacts databases and on print suppliers.
  3. Journalist requests - this section allows you to look through journalist requests for spokespeople or interviewees on particular topics. Use this information to get the contact details of journalists that cover topics relevant to your charity. You can also sign up to an Answer Service, where journalists' requests on a particular topic are sent to your email address.

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