Think about your charity's goals and target audience

Before planning any PR activities, think about your charity's goals and its target audience.

What are your main reasons why your charity wants to do PR? Do you want to attract new supporters? Or do you want to raise general awareness of your charity and its work? Or does the charity need more volunteers?

For each goal, think about who the target audience is.

For example, if you need more volunteers, try to answer the following questions. What is the background of your current volunteer base? What other people do you think would be interested in volunteering for your charity? What newspapers and magazines do they read? What radio stations do they listen to? What motivates people to volunteer for your charity?

These questions will help you decide which media outlets to target and what type of story would be most effective at achieving your goal.

For example, if your current volunteers read the local paper and are motivated by the desire to make a difference, then you need to find a story that emphasises the difference each volunteer makes and package this story for your local paper.

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