Include personal details and quotes in the press release

There are various pieces of information you should include in your charity's press release to make the story of more interest to journalists.

Personal details

If the story focuses on an individual, make sure that you include personal details eg. full name, age, the town they live in and the job they do. Omitting this information, unless there is a good reason, may decrease your charity's chances of coverage.

When planning PR activities, make sure that any individual featured is aware from the start that you need to include personal information. If they are unwilling to provide this information, you may want to focus on someone else in the release.


Quotes are vital for adding human interest to your charity's press release. Deciding what quotes to use takes practice. Look out for quotes that show the personality of a person, evoke an emotional reaction or use unusual language.

Include at least one quote explaining the impact of your charity's service to help you achieve your publicity goals. For example, if you want to attract volunteers to your charity, include a quote from a client that explains the difference a volunteer has made to their life.

For example, when I did PR for Age Concern Hertfordshire's visiting scheme, an elderly client George said, "Amy [my volunteer visitor] and I outdo one another for yarns." I used the quote in the release because I loved the language - 'yarns' is an unusual word that evokes nostalgia. The journalist who wrote the story obviously liked the quote as well, as he used it in the headline of the story : "Pals Enjoy a Good Yarn".

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