Recommended books on charity PR

Benns Media Guide 2010: United Kingdom
This book lists all media outlets in the UK and their contact details. It is cheaper than buying a media database, and is a good starting point for charities that want to research target media outlets.

Drop the Pink Elephant by Bill McFarlan
This book explains how to communicate better and is particularly useful for anyone in your charity who will be interviewed by the media.

Writing for Journalists by Wynford Hicks, Sally Adams, and Harriett Gilbert
This book will help you understand how journalists think. It is aimed at student journalists and explains how to write news and feature stories. If you learn to write your press releases the way journalists write stories, then your charity is more likely to get coverage.
A Primer on Nonprofit PR: If Charity Begins at Home...
This is one of the few books available with information specifically on PR within the charity sector. Although written for US organisations, it has useful information that is applicable in the UK, such as example PR plans, tips on liasing with the media and advice on crisis PR.

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