Use simple language in the press release

To increase the impact of your charity's PR efforts follow these guidelines on simple language:

Cut out unnecessary text - ruthlessly edit the press release, cutting out any unnecessary words. Using less words means that every word has more impact.

Use the active voice - this will make your sentences have more impact and will cut the word count. For example, this active sentence: "people living on their own are more likely to have an accident at home" is easier to read than this passive sentence: "accidents within the home are more likely to happen to people living on their own."

Use short words - this makes your charity's press release easier to read and means journalists don't have to spend time rewriting it for their publication. For example, use 'about' rather than 'approximately', 'take part' rather than 'participate', 'set up' rather than 'establish'.

Avoid jargon - use plain English when doing PR. Avoid charity sector jargon, such as 'capacity building', 'user engagement', 'inclusiveness', 'stakeholders' or 'operationalise'.

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