Summarise the story in the first paragraph of a press release

Explain the essence of your charity's story in the first few lines of the press release.

Journalists and editors may only have time to read the first paragraph, so it's vital that you draw their interest from the start.

The first paragraph should include the basic facts of the story - who, what, where, when, why and how. For example:

An 80-year-old woman (WHO) from St Albans (WHERE) is planning to run the Flora London Marathon (WHAT) on 13 April 2008 (WHEN) to raise money for charity (WHY). Despite her age, she is aiming to complete the marathon in under five hours (HOW).


Skipta Action (WHO) today (WHEN) launched a national (WHERE) campaign to raise awareness of Skipta (WHAT), a mobility disorder that affects thousands of people in the UK. The charity will raise awareness through various activities, including the distribution of limited edition Skips crisps with information about the disease (HOW).

Try to include an interesting fact in the first paragraph - what is the most unusual or interesting thing about what has happened. For example, in the first story, the press release emphasises the marathon runner's unusual age. In the second story, the press release mentions an interesting way that the charity plans to raise awareness of the disease.

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