Get Google AdWords for free! (if you are a registered charity)

If you are a registered charity, you can try out Google AdWords free of charge for at least three months under the Google Grants program. You will need to complete Google's online application form.

One word of caution - the Google Grants programme only allows you to bid up to 1 US Dollar for each click, so if your charity relies on expensive keywords you may get little out of the Google Grants campaign.

For example, the keywords 'charity cards' or 'charity treks' would cost £3.48 or £2.88 respectively (at the time of writing) to have your ad positioned in the first three slots. If you are only paying $1 (approximately 60p) then your ad will appear low down on the page (if at all), so you are unlikely to get many clicks.

Google's Keyword Tool can give you a good estimate of what ad position you'll get for 50p.

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