Google Adwords tips for charities

This tutorial explains how your charity or social enterprise can get the best value and results out of paid search.

Google has the biggest share of the search engine market so if you have a limited budget for paid search focus on Google AdWords only.

The next biggest search engines are Yahoo! and MSN/ Windows Live search. Both of these search engine providers also offer paid search, through Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

Paid search vs free listings
What is Google AdWords?
What is click-through rate and why should I care?
Plan what your charity can get out of Google AdWords
Calculate how much your charity can afford to bid for keywords
Choose the keywords for your charity carefully
Use negative or phrase keyword matching wherever possible
Don't buy keywords for your charity name, unless your need to
Be smart with language and country settings
Include the search keywords in the Google Ad
Write an ad that sells your charity
Link to the relevant page on your charity's website
Monitor your charity's ads
Get Google AdWords for free! (if you are a registered charity)