Link to the relevant page on your charity's website

Many charities and social enterprises that use Google Ads spend a lot of time thinking about their keywords and ad text, but then direct all click-throughs to their website home page.

This is a bad idea as users don't want to spend extra time searching for the information they're after on your site. If it's not immediately available, they're likely to leave your site and do another search.

Instead, link to a landing page where people can access the information that was advertised. Having a tailored landing page will do a better job of converting visitors to donors or supporters, increasing you return on investment.

You may need to create a landing page for each ad your charity is running. For example, you will need a separate landing page for potential donors, volunteers and for those seeking information.

Try to convert each visitor into a potential supporter by encouraging people to fill in a contact form or sign up to a newsletter. Use testimonials on your landing page to persuade people to become a supporter. Testimonials are most effective if they are from a named person or organisation explaining why they decided to support or donate to your charity.

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