Add meta information to all pages

Meta information can be used to describe the content of your charity's web page, such as a description of the content, relevant keywords, and the author of the content. Meta information is available in the source code of the web page, but will not be displayed to visitors (unless they choose to view the source code).

There is only one type of meta information that is still useful for search engine optimisation - the meta description. In the past, meta keywords were important, but have often been misused so many search engines ignore them now. It is worth adding a set of generic meta keywords to each page of your charity's website, but don't put much time or energy into this - focus on the meta description instead.

Search engines sometimes display the meta description in the search results, so writing a good description will encourage users to visit your charity's website.

You should try to create different descriptions for each page of your charity's website. If you have already followed the tip on including important keywords in the first paragraph of the page, then simply copy that paragraph into the meta description tag to save time.

The meta description can easily be changed by following the instructions on your web design software, or by going into the HTML code and finding the tags labelled <meta>.

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