Include important keywords in the first paragraph of each page

The first paragraph of every page on your charity's website should contain your important keywords, as search engines use this information to interpret what the page is about.

Many charities launch into the specifics of their organisation without any basic explanations. Answer any basic questions about your charity in the first paragraph of your home page, including who you are, what you do and where you work. For example, 'We are a charity focusing on crime reduction in Hertfordshire'.

This is also important on pages related to your projects or services. For example, if you offer training, don't launch straight into your training diary, instead explain what training you offer, the topics you cover and who the training is aimed at.

To see how a search engine views your charity's website, use the Lynx Online Viewer or download the Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer extension for Firefox, which lets you to view any website as a text browser sees it.

As well as ensuring the top paragraph of content is relevant, divide long web pages into separate pages. It is better to have lots of short pages that are interlinked than a few long pages.

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