Table of search engine rankings (for a fictional charity) ranking
Keywords March 2010 September 2010 ...
Jobhelpers 3
unemployment help 9
cv help >100
... ...

Analysing the results

Creating such a table will show you what keywords your charity needs to focus on. For example, the above charity has a good ranking for its name and the keywords 'unemployment help', but is doing poorly for 'cv help'. Hopefully your charity's name appears in the first page of search results. If it doesn't, improving this is a priority, and you should also consider paid search.

If a keyword ranks poorly, consider how important it is and be realistic about your chances of improving its ranking. For example, the above charity may find it difficult to improve its ranking for 'cv help', as many other websites provide this information, so may decide to focus on a subset of these keywords eg. 'cv help midlands'.

Bear in mind that your rankings can get worse if new competitors appear, or if Google changes its search ranking algorithms. Therefore, make sure you optimise vital keywords, such as your charity's name, even if your rankings are good at the moment.

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