Make your charity's website more useful

One of the most important things you can do to improve the Google ranking of your charity's website is to add content on topics related to the products or services you provide, or the issues you campaign on.

This is because:

  1. people are more likely to link to your charity's website
  2. people are more likely to click on your charity's website when it comes up in search results

Both 1 and 2 will improve your search engine rankings.

You can use the information your provide to help sell your charity to supporters and service users. For example, if you run a care home for the elderly, add a page with tips on what to look for in a care home, making it clear that you provide all these things.

A good example of a charity website with useful information is the Cat Survival Trust, which promotes the conservation of wild cats. This website has information on every species of wild cat and has good search rankings for this information.

To get ideas for what content you can add to your charity's site, ask staff what questions they are frequently asked and research what information your competitors provide on their website. Try to create original content that is not available anywhere else, such as information on services in your local area.

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